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Homes & Honeybees

What happens when you combine Real Estate and Honey Bees? Magic!

As an avid Beekeeper, Honey Bee conservancy is very important to me. I have decided to merge my two passions and create Homes and Honey Bees. For every home sold, a new hive will be added to my apiary in that families/persons name. I will give updates periodically on the hives so each family/person can watch their hive grow and thrive.

My family is very fortunate to own a farm, which affords me the space to create a much needed environment for the bees. We will also have a “Visit your Hive Day”. This will be a great way to educate yourself and others about the importance of Honey Bees to our community/world.

Thank you for following along with this new and exciting journey!


Vivian Knight in bee suit excited about beekeeping

The face you make when you catch your first swarm of about 40K honeybees!

The perfect location for the new hives.

A close up of a frame in a beehive!

Did you know a honey bee can fly up to 15 miles per hour?!